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In Buenos Aires, Llama Empanadas and Ostrich Hot Dogs Might Be the New Beef

The meat-loving country is going way beyond steak.

Argentina was once one of the world’s largest beef exporters, and Buenos Aires is famous for its steakhouses. But the cosmopolitan capital city is broadening its carnivorous preferences with a selection of more unexpected meats. From the local market to one of Latin America’s best restaurants, Argentinians and tourists alike are sampling everything from alligator tail and wild boar.

For people who want to try cooking a new kind of meat, butchers like Piaf carry alligator and wild boar as well as classics like beef and pork.

Piaf also caters to restaurants around Buenos Aires.

Finding more meat at one of Buenos Aires’s many markets. This one is in San Telmo, one of the cities oldest neighborhoods.

El Baqueano has been ranked in Latin America’s Top 50 restaurants. Its menu is local and seasonal, and some credit the place with starting the unexpected meat trend.

Hare tataki served with radish at El Baqueano. Chef Fernando Rivarola travels to meet all of his meat suppliers personally.

Los Infernales is a street-food restaurant located in San Telmo, a trendy neighborhood in Buenos Aires. They’re well-known for their burgers and choripanes, an Argentine version of the hot dog.

The menu at Los Infernales is all about celebrating Argentina’s biodiversity, so they use meats from across the country.

German Rios, manager at Los Infernales, told The Bubble that these alternative meats are healthier because they’re less processed than your average chicken or cow.


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