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Welcome to Electric Town

A Tokyo neighborhood that caters to Japanese obsessions.

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Masters at Work

Capturing a nearly extinct breed of Japanese makers of tea caddies, kimonos, knives, and statues.

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The Hidden Osaka Restaurant Where Timing Is Everything

A master chef is obsessed with his craft and customers.

Foraging for Lunch in the Imperial City

Two chefs with one philosophy prepare a cross-cultural meal.

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Fine Dining Goes Back to the Future

James Corden gets a lesson in foraging and cold smoking from New Nordic pioneer Mads Refslund.

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A Log-Rolling Festival for the Gods

Welcome to the religious spectacular that's equal parts nature, danger, and extreme sports.

A Secret Teahouse and Its Zen Buddhist Bartender

How chef Mads Refslund learned to drink tea in Tokyo.

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Inside the Inner Sanctum of the World’s Largest Fish Market

Chef Mads Refslund gets an inside look at Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Market.

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How to Win a Sumo Match

The 82 officially recognized winning moves, explained.

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Sumo Stew Is Traditional, Delicious, and Hugely Caloric

The carbo-loaded lunch of Japanese wrestling champions.

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The Sumo Top Knot Is the Original Man Bun

And only 55 hairstylists are permitted to create the traditional look.

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Sumo Wrestlers Live, Eat, and Train Together

A rare look inside a sumo stable, where tradition rules.

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I Rode Hiroshima’s Epic, 70-Kilometer Bike Route

And I realized it’s both a race and a meditation.

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The Bridges of Hiroshima Prefecture

The Nishiseto Expressway connects six islands across nine bridges, including some of the world’s biggest.

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The Lived-in Jeans of the Onomichi Denim Project

In Southern Japan, some premium jeans come preworn.

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This Is the Quietest Place in the World

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is but one beautiful shrine in a devastated place.

Why One French District Has Its Own Customs Agents

Welcome to the micronation of Saugeais. It's official. Sort of.

France’s Biggest Forest Was Planted by People

A million square meters of artificial forest has saved the country's marshlands.

Where Perfume Dreams Come True

At Nose, technology guides shoppers to their favorite perfume.

Paris’s New One-Stop Shop for Delicious, Innovative Pastries

Fou de Pâtisserie takes the indecision out of indulgence.