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This Photographer Booked a One-Way Ticket to Mexico

This is one way to cure the winter blues.

While battling a grim London winter, my mind frequently wandered to the sunny streets of Mexico. A change of scenery was needed, so I bought a one-way ticket with no set agenda. Aside from meeting Australian friends in Mexico City, I planned to hit the road and take each day as it came.

I was treated like family by strangers, explored the Oaxaca coastline from the back of a truck, napped in mountain caves overlooking Tepoztlan, swam in natural salt pools among endless valleys in Hierve el Agua, walked through Monte Alban’s ancient ruins, made friends with a lot of dogs, and ate many quesadillas. The endless days of incredible food, beautiful coastlines, magical mountain towns, and friendly people made it one of my most memorable trips.

Originally published on Fathom.

Photos by Adrian Morris.


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