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Inside an Eccentric Poet's Surrealist Garden of Eden

During his semi-exile in Mexico, English poet Edward James built architectural sculptures in a subtropical rainforest.

I wanted to avoid the typical tourist spots in Mexico, so I headed inland to the Sierra Gorda Mountains, to Xilitla, a small town in San Luis Potosí near the Surrealist garden of Edward James.

More commonly known as Las Pozas, the sculpture garden was created by the English poet and artist Edward James over 60 years ago while he was living in semi-exile in Mexico. What struck me the most was how the changing environment of the subtropical rainforest mixed harmoniously with the architecture created by a foreigner.

The journey through Mexico's 120 Highway was also very special; we passed by several charming and lost little towns like Tequisquiapan, Pinal de Amoles, and Jalpan de Serra. I will remember everything from this trip: Xilitla's magical essence, the kindness of the locals, and the beauty and nature in every corner.

Originally published by Fathom.

Photos by Luis Cárdenas.


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