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The Mongolian Yurt is the Original Tiny House

The nomadic horsemen of the Mongolian steppe were a few thousand years ahead of the trend.

Tiny houses are super trendy right now, but they’ve been a way of life for over 3,000 years on the Mongolian steppes. Back then, and today, yurts, or gers as they’re known locally help nomads follow around their herd while providing a sturdy dwelling to protect against the elements.

These yurts are made up of a wooden structure and waterproof felt or leather. This construction makes it easy for Mongolian nomads to pack up and move to better pastures.

Gers are really homey on the inside, and today many of them have been upgraded with modern amenities like solar panels that power TVs and mobile phones.

Image via Mongolian store on Etsy

So if tiny houses are your thing - consider a yurt! These days you can even buy your own on Etsy.


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