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How to Snowboard Without Freezing Your Ass Off (in Morocco??)

We carve our way down some of the biggest sand dunes of the Sahara.

The sand is endless in this sea of dunes, known as an erg. In the summer, most people avoid trekking during the day when temperatures can get up to 104 degrees.

One of the desert’s biggest ergs, Erg Chebbi, is bordered by a village called Merzouga.

A lack of traffic makes it easy to navigate the streets into town. In Merzouga, hotels and cafes like Café Fatima will rent the gear you need for sand sports.

Some dunes can get up to 500 feet – taller than Egypt’s famous Pyramid of Giza.

It’s guaranteed that the Sahara will be less crowded than your usual snowboarding terrain.

While speeding down the sand is easier with a snowboard, “local kids use whatever they find,” our guide (and the star sandboarder in these photos) Moha Bouramdane says.


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